Currently, I work at the University of Virginia’s Alumni Association and have the pleasure of working with ~35 alumni groups. Through this position, I am able to learn more about life on Grounds at UVA, UVA culture, and aid alumni in their ability to both foster and maintain relationships with the university as well as the individuals they cared so much about during their time as a student.

This website showcases some of the projects I worked on throughout my time as an undergraduate and graduate student at The University of Mary Washington and Virginia Tech.

Prior to beginning my current position at the Alumni Association, I earned my master’s degree in communication from Virginia Tech. During this time, I served as a graduate teaching assistant and adjust instructor for public speaking. This position was extremely rewarding as it allowed for me to aid students in their ability to build their skills and confidence related to public speaking – a skill that both my students and I will be able to take with us regardless of our academic disciplines or future career plans.