Graduate Research

During my first year as a graduate student at Virginia Tech, I had the opportunity to work on two research projects.

In Fall of 2019, I worked alongside Dr. Chelsea Woods in the communication department to help code tweets to better understand the public’s response to social influencers and how this relates to crisis communication.

In Spring of 2020, I worked with Ms. Brandi Quesenberry to help implement a survey, conduct and transcribe interviews, as well as aiding in the construction of a website for 4-VA – a grant that is housed out of George Mason University. This project was conducted on Virginia Tech, George Mason, James Madison, and UNC-Charlotte’s campuses to better understand how communication is being used across the curriculum in non-communication based courses (EX: engineering, business, health and nutrition, etc). This grant was approved in 2019, and will continue into Summer of 2020.