Digital Studies

Websites that fall under this category fulfilled Digital Studies course requirements while completing my B.A. at the University of Mary Washington. Below are descriptions of what each site contains:

Digital Art
This website functioned as a blog that I updated regularly with artists that we studied in class. This also served as a place for me to showcase the art that I created in this course throughout the semester.

Applied Digital Studies
This website was used to inform viewers about the ‘Pink Tax’ and what states within the US are affected by it. There are three different platforms that are used to map outline these differences: Google My Maps, MapChart and an SVG map that was coded with HTML and CSS to represent the different states and the variation in tax amounts across  the country.

American Technology and Culture
This website was created while working in a group project  for my History of American Technology and Culture class. My group and I had to pick an American invention, research why it was selected over other similar inventions, describe how it was relevant to society and make a short documentary to describe our findings.

Adventures in Digital History
This website was used to blog reactions to group projects within the course, and document our group’s progress as we worked to digitize a register from the Fredericksburg National Cemetery and created a user-friendly map for visitors to use.

Fredericksburg National Cemetery
One of the largest problems following the Civil War was the inability to properly bury and mark the gravesites of fallen soldiers. Keeping this in mind, my group members and I worked partnered with the National Parks Service to digitize registries from the Civil War to help cemetery visitors better locate the grave site of their loved ones. Through the maps created and website that was constructed, visitors can now more easily find the sections that include the fallen soldier and their grave number.

History of the Information Age
This blog served as a catalog of thoughts and assignments as we progressed throughout the course. This course touched on everything from the early 1900s – present and the impacts that were had on the digital age and society as we know it.

This was a website that I coded using HTML and CSS. It was part of a methodology module that we worked on in class and mine focused on networks.  With the help of a KUMU map, this site demonstrates how I built my social network during my first few semesters at UMW.