Graduate Work

In August of 2019, I began working towards earning my Master’s in Communication at Virginia Tech. Throughout my time here, I have been able to further research and explore the area of Health Communication, as well as better understanding quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Some projects that I have worked on during my time here include:

  • A content analysis of fan engagement with the MLS and NWSL
  • A content analysis of fan comments related to social media influencers
  • Research regarding the cognitive dissonance the general public experiences surrounding the topic of organ donation
  • Research on the importance and influence of family communication when deciding whether or not to be an organ donor

The largest project that I worked on throughout my Master’s was that of my thesis: “Depictions of Donation: A Thematic Analysis of Organ Donation in Television Medical Dramas”

To determine the six final themes, I watched and analyzed 13 episodes of medical dramas from 2016-present to better understand how organ donation is depicted to the general public and what implications this could have on viewers. This study was informed by Albert Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory.